Friday, January 18, 2013

1st day of exercise in FOREVER!

Oh goodness. Today was the first day of exercise I have done in a really long time. Since it is cold outside and I don't want to take my boys outside, I decided to whip out the good ole' Wii Fit. It made me sad to see how long it had been since I had been on - oh and it did tell me! AH! So I decided to delete that profile and start from scratch. New everything is my new motto.

I set myself a goal of 30 minutes. This morning I got both boys calm and off I went. Well, they must not of been too keen on this plan because about 15 minutes into it they decided to both start fussing. PAUSE! I took care of them, did some stuff around the house and started right back up this afternoon to finish the other 15 minutes.

The boys worked with me this time. I had turned on the music and was singing along. This got them laughing and smiling. This made me happy and pushed me to keep going. I will say, they are the best motivation this girl could ever have!

For my first day back I finished with 33 minutes, 242 calories burned. Not too bad considering It has been so long since I last exercised.

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