Thursday, January 17, 2013

First 5k and a new recipe

Today I signed up for my first 5K and I'm SUPER excited. I will be participating in COLOR ME RAD in May. This gives me plenty of time to prepare for it since it is my first one. I am happy to be doing this with my sister and 2 nieces. I shared with my sister about my new adventure and she is so supportive. I hope to continue after this and participate in more runs with them. They do these all the time and are used to the, but my nieces have already informed me that they will stick by my side and cheer me on. LOVE THESE GIRLS! I will share more once I start working toward this.

In edition to this blog I have also started a recipes blog. I will be posting new recipes I try (along with nutritional values and pictures). You can find this by clicking on the yummy recipes tab above. I won't be writing too detailed of accounts of my recipes in this blog since I have one set up specifically for it but I will be mentioning them to help catch peoples attention to go check them out.

My new recipes for tonight was - Tiny Taco Salads. Let me tell you, it was so delicious. I will definitely be trying this one again and doing different varieties of it in the future. Recipe 1 - SUCCESS!


  1. That 5K looks SO fun!! I did the "Color Run" last September and it was a blast. Yay for fun events to train for and new recipes too!

    1. I hear it is a blast to do so I thought it would be the best first 5k to participate in. Plus, add in doing it with my family - EXTRA FUN!