Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food Weakness

Food weaknesses. They are no fun at all. Everyone has them. They are something that we just love to eat and have a hard time saying no to them. Our brain and body know we shouldn't eat this food but there is that little part inside, that little voice that says - Eat it! Do it!

For me, that weakness item used to be sweets. Oh boy, I LOVED chocolate so much. However, when I got pregnant, chocolate made me have horrible heartburn. So it was goodbye chocolate. It actually wasn't hard because being in massive pain just wasn't worth it, I think most could agree.

So out the door went chocolate but sadly was replaced with another bad item - French fries. Of my gosh, now I couldn't get enough of them. They were so delicious. They made all the pregnancy issues I might of been having just fade away.

Luckily, after delivery the big craving for French fries faded away (actually a lot of fast food cravings in general faded away - a great thing!) BUT again was sadly replaced with another item - chips. I believe this stemmed from my stay in the hospital after my c-section. I hasn't eaten in almost 2 days. I was in labor for 24hrs and by the time I could eat it was pushing 2 days. It was late at night and all they had to eat were baked lays potato chips and a turkey sandwiches. I fell in love with baked lays and haven't looked back.

Now I crave them all the time. Any chips really but mostly regular baked lays, tortilla chips and veggie straws. I think I crave salt now which is hilarious because I hate salt in most cases. Was never a fan but now who knows.

So now I struggle against resisting my food weakness. It isn't too bad but sometimes it sucks. I just keep doing my best and focus on each day and the little victories.

Do you have a food weaknesses? 
How do you fight them? 
Anyone else have the same as me, and if so any suggestions to fight it?


  1. New follower here!!!! All food is my weakness especially potatoes! I have to stay away which unfortunatly means so does my family. So they sneak off and get french fries when Im not there LOL


    1. Thanks for following. I am now a new one for you too.

      Yeah, potatoes are super delicious. Luckily my husband is nice about sacrificing and eating what I eat or I try to make him something a little different to help satisfy his hunger. My twin boys are only 5 months old so luckily no worries with them... yet! *haha*

      I have grown to love sweet potatoes. Mmmm. Super delicious! The only problem is I love butter in them so I have to watch that.

  2. SWEETS! Although i love bread, chips, all that too. But mostly sweets. And the only way for me to not crave them is to NOT EAT THEM! Sounds genius, huh? Haha. I know people say all things in moderation but i don't believe that when it comes to junk. I mean - it's junk! And every time i eat it, i just want it more. :P

    1. I agree! I would rather not taste one bit of it than just a small amount. If I see a cookie on the counter and I am like - oh, I will eat just one - yeah, that NEVER works. I have the taste in my mouth now and I just crave more! Then I end up going back for more. If I just don't even give myself any, then that temptation is easier to beat because I can think of all the negative things rather than only think of how delicious it tastes in my mouth. *haha*